It's a strange world out there.


Hinterworld Media is a premium podcast studio and media company committed to crafting enchanting, unforgettable, daring new narrative experiences.We transport our listeners to immersive audio realms where stories aren’t just heard, but felt.Here, the extraordinary is the norm and the unconventional is celebrated.We craft distinct, emotionally generous narratives that are beacons of inclusivity and empathy.Our mission is to nurture a more curious and compassionate world by reflecting the diverse mosaic of human experiences and our capacity for boundless wonder.

Fiction podcast

Lone Stranger: Season One

Welcome to the Wyld, Wyld West. Reports vary on what happened to the world, but today it's an endless desert wasteland full of reality-bending quantum nonsense. This comprehensive audio guide will teach you all you need to know about Snallygasters, Landsharks, Poisonous Cats, Self-conscious Flowers, Milk Tornadoes and more.


Fiction Podcast

Lone Stranger: Season Two

We're back for more, as requested.
Strap in, and be sure to keep your hands and feet outside at all times.
Coming soon.

Fiction Podcast

Jacks and the Stacks

Two boys name Jack get part time jobs working at an old library, only to discover a hidden city of books deep beneath the library, populated by the spirits that haunt those books.Coming soon for all ages.

Talk show

The lore drop

Not your mother's fantasy / sci-fi news show hosted by the wondrously inquisitive and overly qualified Tiktok-sensation Matt Curtin.Coming soon to Twitch, YouTube, Apple Podcasts, and Spotify.

talk show

Weebs Against Humanity

Matt Curtin and rotating guests discuss all things anime. Latest news, hot takes, anything and everything that speaks, no, screams to them.Coming soon to Twitch, Youtube, Apple Podcasts, and Spotify.